Green Living: Tips for an Eco-friendly Christmas.

Christmas is the time of year when people consume the most products and create the most waste-gifts, wrapping paper, food-it can all become very expensive ,and it’s easy to forget about being environmentally friendly or ethical. However, attempting to make Christmas eco-friendly can be a good idea on a student budget, and can prompt creativity and ingenuity at a time when these energies are most depleted. Here are some tips to help you save money and look after the world at the same time!

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Happy Buy Nothing Day! Also, follow me on Twitter!

It’s Buy Nothing Day in the US today, and internationally tomorrow. Don’t forget to check out my post about it!

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Gender: International Men’s Day.

Happy International Men’s Day!

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Consumerism: Buy Nothing Day, Nov 26th.

The 26th of November is Buy Nothing Day, an event which needs little explanation of what you’re meant to do. But why is there a day specifically set aside for this? Why should we not buy anything for one specific day? What is the point?

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Veganism: World Vegan Day and ‘Try’ Veganism Month.

Here is an article about World Vegan Day and ‘Try’ Veganism Month. An altered version of this will be published mid-November in my university magazine and on their website: It’s is a general article aimed at introducing and encouraging student to think about veganism, and hopefully succeeds! I try to describe the what, why and how of veganism for University students. Let me know what you think!


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Feminism: Women Granted Votes in Saudi Arabia.

Nearly a century ago women gained the right to vote in the UK. Although initially limited to women of particular ages and social standing, it wasn’t too long before suffrage equal to men was won for all women. Though many argue that this was a long hard battle, it seems an easy victory when compared with the struggle for women’s suffrage in Saudi Arabia.

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Animal Rights: The Bullfighting Ban.

On the 1st of January 2012, Bullfighting will become a legally banned sport in Catalonia. The passing of the ban by Parliament in Barcelona was prompted by a petition against the sport, which gained 180,000 signatures. Catalonia joins the Canary Islands as the second Spanish region to enforce such a ban, but is the first mainland region to do so. It has been argued that the move is an act of separatism, a reinforcement of cultural independence from other Spanish regions. However, there has long been a strong animal-rights movement in Spain, and many campaigners are celebrating the victory.

Animal Rights Activists protesting against the bloodsport.

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Human Rights: World Peace Day.

Happy World Peace Day!

Today is the United Nations International Day of Peace. It is an annual event held on the 21st of September, and aims to promote and celebrate global peace.

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Veganism: Does Animal Intelligence Matter?

Today the Vegetarian Community Facebook page ( shared a link which caught my attention. It is an article bearing the title ‘Pigs are Considered to be Smarter than 3-Year-old Human’ Children.’

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